Peer Gynt

I made this upgraded version of David Bradley's Peer Gynt (1941) :
- It uses a short and rather lofi version of the film without the narrator added on the 1965 reissue (where can I find a complete and better version btw?).
- It was colorized using a GAN-based algorithm.
- The music was replaced by cleaner recordings using only Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt as a source (unlike the original that also used other pieces from Grieg) for various reasons I had to mix and match several interpretations (Herbert von Karajan, Per Dreier, Thomas Beecham, Paavo Järvi, Herbert Blomstedt)
- A track separation algorithm was used to partially isolate the voice of the Great Bøyg (the only speaking character)
- The version I had used inconsistent language which was all translated to English

Sources of the algorithms used :
audio separation