A compressor that lets you see the result of the compression on the whole waveform at once.
I initially coded this in 2009 and the initial goal was only to export a list of timestamp overdriving a given threshold.
It has then evolved into some kind of compressor.
Thanks to Daniel Renkel, two years later it exported in quite good quality (not like in the first video below).
More than a decade later, in 2023 someone noticed the initial jar wasn't working for some reason.
So I spent another batch of hours trying to convert it to processing so I could use my newly written (and still buggy) coding/decoding functions instead of continuously converting from a stream of bytes.
A part of the stereo problem is fixed but still not all of it, additionally it now has one useless side-window, carries formatting bugs from the loading function and only works on 64bits Windows.
Again, months later I noticed the exported samples were not long enough and channels appeared swapped for some reason so I made another revision... I really hope this was the last one so I could move on with my life now.
It's quite sad to realize how much I've been struggling with loading/saving and general framing problems while the compression algorithms themselves probably only took a couple of hours...

new Win-64 version
OUTDATED smartClipper.jar

Here is an original sample :

And here is how it sounds after being run through the compressor with various compression parameters :