For some time I've been programming Twitter Bots, most of them are "dead" now, but most of the accounts are still available.

- Retroslime crawls the web and builds sentences by concatenating things it sees on the pages it reads.

- AlmostRT copies random tweets but adds one mistake or two.

- Shy Hipster loves everything that people hate on twitter. His older brother HipsterBot (who also used to hate things people love) was a disaster, mostly beacause some people mistook it for a human user...

- Nouveaux mots invents new french words.

- Proverbot creates new english proverbs.

- Andreas Tangen complains in french.

- Things doing things does things.

- The first bot ever created by an AI isn't what it says it is.

- A bot that gives his views on whatever happens at a given time.

Some of them have been trying to interact with random humans a few times.