This is an ongoing collaborative project about recording a very long cover of the song Águas de Março by Antônio Carlos Jobim.
Several people took turn in enumerating various things, but we need more people and more things to enumerate.

Here is the current version as of 2023 / 05 / 30 :

Be part of it!

- download the instrumental (75bpm Bb)
- record your voice over it as a separate track.
- send it to me by mail :

You don't have to follow the original lyrics, just sing about anything that you like.
So far all the recorded lyrics are in french, but it is allowed to sing in any language.
If you're too shy to sing you can also write lyrics and I'll find somebody to sing them.
You can also play instruments if you want and I'll incorporate them to the mix.

Current credits :
Anne Laplantine
Juliette Porée
Pierre Corbinais
Germain Ducros
Geoffroy Monde