Things appearing in various music compilations or things :

Kooky Nuts Pop Vol.3
Vagins & Dragons
Vacarme & Dentelle
FZ:side F
Rue des gardes #1
Darling Dada 0.1
Les tubes de l'été volume 2
Un Dread
Mon muscle préféré c'est ton COEUR
Musique Muscle #2
Musique Muscle #4
Reggae vol.1
Hymns For Kepler
Serendip Lab 10 ans
Acid Decembers
Crabs in your head
Ultime Confin
Le début de la fin

Other compilations don't seem to be on the internet anymore but that's a note for me to put them here if I can grab them somewhere :
devsound chiptune compilations
la mangouste

I have made lame french covers under various names for this cool project.

I also compiled some music not made by me in a few places :
Nénufar plastifié
Compilation insignificatogène