I made some tests for a potential typing game.
The idea was simple : some letters would appear on the screen (a new letter every few seconds) and the player should type existing words using them as fast as possible.

This version of the game is playable here.
The goal is to type nouns in english and press enter to validate the words.

It turns out it's easier to always type small words so there should be an incentive for the player to use long ones.

So later I tried to use the "game" to write actual grammatically correct sentences as an arbitrary rule.

It's quite difficult ! Part of the difficulty is possibly because the letters are random and, even when using weights to get close to the average distribution in a given language when picking the random letters, we tend to use the easy letters first and end up with a bunch of rare letters at some point.

So I made another version that knows a lot of words (in french in that case) and tries to predict the most usefull letters to pick next.

The second "creative" prototype source is available here and requires processing to run.
It expects french non inflected words.

This was one of those projects I worked on only about one day per year (during three years in that case).
I don't plan on doing more tests about this at the moment.