Old Rpg Maker games
These games are old, I would probably be very ashamed of them if I played them today.

La proph├ętie des fourchettes
A game made with constraints, where your choices matter more than you may think.

Rutipa's quest 5
I made a map-based part for this game with random encounters.

Another cadavresci-esque game.

They cut my contribution off that game because it was too weird. Still it's there somewhere.

A strange assymetrical two-player game.

Dark soul.ace
Everybody knows the second episode of this series but this is the first one.
I found the file in some hard drive, I have no idea if it's the final version or not or if it's possible to find it elsewhere.

Cube Sandwich
Another cadavresci-esque experimental game from the 2007 underground rpg dev scene.
I remember having made a thing at some point where you play two different games at once with the sound and the pictures but the same controls.

I think I didn't understand what this project was but was part of it anyway. I can't find it anywhere though.

Les toits du monde
An unfinished project. (note to myself) Put the WIP game here if I find a playable version one day.

Le vanneau 2
Another unfinished project. (note to myself) There might still be playable versions of it.

La verrerie
Another unfinished project. (note to myself) Test it and maybe put it here.