93 Realms

93 Realms is a multi-user dungeon game created by Jankenpopp, released in 2020 based on SimpleMUD.

Here's what the game looks like using the web client:

Screenshot of 93 Realms
A screenshot of 93 Realms

While we preserved most of the world base from SimpleMUD and didn't significantly alter the mechanics, I was allowed to modify and add rooms, enemies, items and also introduce specific room-based scripts.

One of the challenges I faced was that I could only modify the world database, not the engine. This meant no additional persistent variables or per-player variables, item-based or global scripts. Therefore, I had to get creative to write interesting puzzles and places.

93 Realms has been a useful testing ground for multiplayer game experimentations. As the game is part of a larger website that heavily embraces the concept of internet trolling, it feels fitting for players to occasionally feel fooled, either by bugs, poor design choices, or sometimes intentionally.

The game has a small community of players who have created a wiki about it, and even a DnD campaign inspired by it (which has in turn inspired new elements for the game).

As of June 1, 2023, the game comprises approximately 1450 rooms, 150 enemies, 50 stores, 350 items, and 50 achievements.

I mostly use this web-based editor to add content to the game:

Web-based editor for 93 Realms
The web-based editor used for adding content to 93 Realms

I'll make a list of some of the oddities that can be found in the game: