In 2016 we worked with Clément Duquesne during on a project involving servos and solenoids.

We ended up making a small concert with those instruments, I thought it was recorded or filmed but it was not so I don't have a lot of tracks of this apart from those WIP videos.
The final device involved automated solenoids hipping on instruments, a mechanical arm playing notes on a harp, a generative system imitating and elaborating on someone (from the audience) playing a keyboard, a vibrating cello producing low drones, piezzos and amplifiers...
I used a darlington transistor chip and I'm writing that name here just in case I have trouble remebering the name of it.

Even though the concert itself wasn't recorded I kept another recording done later in the evening where I was playing the cello myself over Trio-Skyzo-Phony's vocals.