Humor in music

I'm interested in the idea of "musical jokes" and have been asking many people including myself about music that they think contains some form of jokes (purely musical regardless of lyrics).
At some point I might explain where and why each of these tracks can be considered funny by at least one individual but for now I'll just show a list with youtube links.

Erik Satie - Embryons Desséchés

Debussy - Golliwogg's Cakewalk

Mahler - Symphony No.1

Alain Savouret - La Dictée

Erik Satie - Vexations

John Cage - 4'33"

John Cage - Piece for sliding trombone

Organ²/ASLSP - 11th sound change

Roger Roger - Musique Idiote

Tom Johnson - Rational Melodies

Tom Johnson - Bedtime Stories

Komar and Melamid - The Most Unwanted Song

DJ Assault - Ass & Titties Censored Version

James Ferraro - Eco-Tot

Oliver Buckland - Time for festivities
Oliver Buckland · time for festivities

Révolution Musicale - Urbalité

Maria Schneider Orchestra - Journey Home

André Popp - La Polka du roi

EULOGY FOR VAPORWAVE (R.I.P.) (░▒▓【ALL CAPS AND αւτ kεÿ CΘᕸEᔕ™】░▒▓ - ひどく翻訳日本語の文字)

Duke Ellington and his orchestra (Harry Carney) - Sophisticated Lady

Henry Mancini - Champagne and Quail

Henry Mancini - The Sweetheart Tree

Henry Mancini - Something for Sellers

Art Tatum - Tea for Two

Les Reines Prochaines - Wicked Game Cover

Clare Fischer - Yesterdays

Clare Fischer - Donna Lee

Tadd Dameron Sextet at Royal Roost - Good Bait

Darius Milhaud - Le boeuf sur le toit

Akın Kilis - Parodies of a Ballade

Bill Wurtz - 9 8 7

W. A. Mozart - A Musical Joke K522

Manuel De Falla - Ritual Fire Dance (El Amor Brujo)

Iannis Xenakis - Metastasis

Implog - Holland Tunnel Dive

Maurice Ravel - Bolero

LISA Soundtrack - Work Harder

Jean-Jacques Perrey - Gossipo Perpetuo

DJ Ouin - Pistolet

A Nightmare in Tunisia - JOTW

Ligeti - Nouvelles Aventures

Hypothesis 40 - The almost inaudible song

nelward - i'm a dog
nelward · i'm a dog

nelward - The Basketball Boys Are Back In Business

Terry Riley - You're No Good

Oates - The Clap