This page is about projects that have been working at some point in the past but are now "dead" for some reason.
I should probably add a few pictures.

LikeRoulette :
A page with just one button that makes you like a completely random facebook page.

LastStock :
That was a game were users could play "stock market" with the global listening charts.

QuestForTheBest :
That game kept asking what was best/funniest/dangerous bewteen two random wikipedia articles and then sorted them.

SrtToXml :
A collaborative project to replace each sentence in a movie subtitle file by an alternative one.

Plagiarism :
A plagiarism contest held in 2012.

Explain :
The primary concept of this page was to present examples of what is art and what isn't. It was then extended to other topics.

RandomStreet :
Gives you a picture of a random place on Google StreetView.

gitHeart :
It has been displaying a nice pixelated heart as commit visualization on my gitHub page, but those only last one year.
(update : due to recent changes on the GitHub interface, it is accessible again)