I've been making beers, hydromels, kombucha, and other weird drinks at home.

From now on I should try to keep the recipes even of the failed ones.

Weird lemon drink

This one is very sour and bitter, it's pretty difficult to drink it.
I find it ok when mixed with other liquids such as apple juice.

Ingredients :
750g of honey
750g maple syrup
350g agave syrup
350g rice syrup
7 lemons
7 liters of water
500g ginger
1 packet of us-05 yeast
20g cascade hops
calcium carbonate
sugar candy

Process :
Boil water.
Add syrups and honey.
Add chopped ginger.
Let boil for 15 minutes then let cool to 25°C.
Add half of the hops.
Activate yeast separately.
Let water cool completely.
Add lemon juice and zest but not the white part of lemon.
Add calcium carbonate if necessary so that the pH is between 4 and 6.
Add activated yeast.
Place in a fermentation tank with bubbler at 20°C, away from light.
After two weeks add rest of the hops.
Once the fermentation is finished (another two weeks later at home) add one dissolved candy sugar per bottle.
Bottle (I opened the bottle every few days so it doesn't explode).